Hop-Sport Set of resistance bands 600x75mm blue


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Description: Enhance your workouts with the HS-L675RLB Resistance Bands by Hop-Sport! These versatile blue bands are perfect for strength training, fitness routines, and rehabilitation exercises. The set includes four high-quality latex bands with varying resistance levels from 4.5 kg to 19 kg, suitable for both beginners and advanced users. Compact and portable, they are easy to transport and store.
Progressive Resistance: The more you stretch the bands, the greater the resistance. Each band in the HS-L675RLB set offers a different resistance level: 4.5-7 kg, 7-9 kg, 11.5-14 kg, and 14-19 kg, allowing you to adjust the intensity of your workout.
Enhanced Training Results: Resistance bands significantly improve workout effectiveness by increasing muscle engagement and joint mobility. They help in muscle strengthening, especially in the limbs, and are ideal for full-body toning. They also support rehabilitation by enhancing joint movement and strength.
Durable Latex: Made from 100% high-quality latex, the HS-L675RLB bands are durable, retain their shape after stretching, and are water-resistant, ensuring easy cleaning and hygiene.


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