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【Free Your Hands】Free your hands to do housework, drink coffee, shop and take care of other children while keeping your baby close. When you work more efficiently and under less stress, your baby will stay happy. Very suitable for demanding babies. There is a large pocket for feeding bottles, diapers, mobile phones and other item【Soft and Comfortable】The 5 mm thick cotton pad prevents abrasions on the baby’s legs and the wearer’s neck, and at the same time prevents slippage to improve safety. Thick cotton shoulder pads reduce the pressure on the shoulders of the baby s weight.
【Convenient】100% cotton material, soft and breathable, suitable for all seasons. Lightweight and easy to fold, easy to carry. This baby wrap carrier can used as a breast-feeding cover. Mothers can feed their babies anytime, anywhere.When you go out, it s also convenient to feed your baby to avoid embarrassment.
【Unique Design】The scientific design simulates the state of mother s uterus to increase intimacy and sense of security. Physical contact with the baby causes the mother to release oxytocin and promote parent-child relationship and breastfeeding.

Material: CottonMaximum load: 20kgStrap style: single shoulder strap


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